Free Download – 311 at Red Rocks

311 at Red Rocks 8/16/2011Happy 11-11-11!

In honor of the day (3 11′s,) 311 is making a recording of a show from August 2011 at Red Rocks available as a free download. I’m listening to it right now, the the audio quality is great. There’s a good mix of songs from across their entire catalog, including several from their latest release. Any fan of 311 will love this; and if you aren’t, punch yourself in the face and then download anyway.


  1. Beautiful Disaster
  2. Prisoner
  3. Homebrew
  4. Sunset in July
  5. Large in the Margin
  6. 8:16 AM
  7. Timebomb
  8. All Mixed Up
  9. Inner Light Spectrum
  10. Applied Science
  11. Wild Nights
  12. Uncalm
  13. Flowing
  14. Don’t Let Me Down
  15. Bass Solo/Nutsymptom
  16. And A Ways To Go
  17. Come Original
  18. Lose
  19. Amber
  20. Jackpot
  21. Creatures (for a While)
  22. Mindspin
  23. Beyond the Grey Sky
  24. Rock On
  25. Down

You need this.

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