Ledouche.com Launches!

ledouche.com launches

After years of playing with ideas, learning all sorts of new skills, and making my fair share of mistakes along the way, ledouche.com is up and running!

Originally nothing more than a joke back in 2008, ledouche* has grown in to a small brand with a focus on creating quality goods with a DIY ethic in mind. Our shirts are printed by hand on a manual press; metal and glass items are hand-etched. If we can produce an item in-house, we do. If not, we partner with other small businesses that have a common view on quality and self-sufficiency.

ledouche* is a brand of the newly reformed Opiate Nu Media LLC. More news on that later.

All products are made in-house (literally) and are something I’m very proud of. Go check out the site and buy something, you cheap bastard.

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